Lose weight
by tracking calories
with voice notes & texts

“ParrotPal is the absolute quickest, easiest and convenient way to track my food intake daily. It’s as easy as telling my bestie what I had for lunch. It makes me feel accountable, without the dread of logging my food.” Lara


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Do less, not more.
Focus on what actually matters for weight loss.

Custom calorie target

The app will generate your custom calorie, protein & steps target after the questionnaire.

Log with texts & voice notes

Track your meals effortlessly by sending a voice note of one item, a whole meal, or an entire day - and it's tracked in seconds.

Weekly Coaching

Each week, you "check-in" and we analyze your data. The analysis gives you a review, feedback and will change your targets if needed

Do you want to just track, or do you want results?

ParrotPal is an amazing calorie tracker, but the main focus is results. If you want to track 20+ data points, then this app isn’t for you. 

If you want to track only what matters for weight loss in the easiest & most convenient way possible, this app is for you. We track only the essential and hack away at the rest. 

Our weekly analysis reviews your calories, protein, steps & weight and adjusts your targets to keep your results going. No need to second guess if your targets are right, the app will auto-adjust to make sure they are! 

We showed ParrotPal to 8 random people at a fitness expo, here's their reactions

“I’ve always had an on off (mostly off) relationship with calorie tracking because of the admin. Don’t really have an excuse anymore with how convenient this is! I was shown the app at a fitness expo and can’t stop telling everyone about it; sometimes you find something that just makes absolute sense and this is absolutely one of those things. Game changer!” Toby

Calories. Protein. Steps. The golden trio

Calories. Protein. Steps. The golden trio

Calories. Protein. Steps. The golden trio

Calories. Protein. Steps. The golden trio

Calories. Protein. Steps. The golden trio

Latest Case Studies & Articles

I tracked my calories with voice notes for 14 days
Was it accurate enough?

I had 2 weeks to drop 3kg for a martial arts competition.

By using only ParrotPal’s voice note feature, I wanted to put the technology to the test.

Was the tracking accurate enough? 

People all over the world are loving ParrotPal

ParrotPal has given me a sense of purpose 💪🏼

ParrotPal has given me sense of purpose of being a scientist of my own body, a good sense of compassion, kindness and commitment. It has also given me a good role model in Scott (creator) who has a very positive attitude. ParrotPal is something I related to before I download it but thought it would be just another weigh loss app… but it’s so much more than that. 

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Sennen Prisk

Cornwall UK.


This is the app and the approach I needed for years. Gone are the judgemental comments about foods being bad or wrong.

The ease with which you can track food is brilliant – type it like a message, voice note it.

This works like a dream for someone like me who often finds tracking tricky if I need to be exact in spelling etc. it feels so user-friendly to me.

Add to that there is a very supportive creator behind the app, with fast responses to questions and queries. 

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App store review

Game changer! 5 Stars!

An absolutely brilliant idea that I can’t believe the market leaders haven’t thought of already. The app makes a very mundane task take quite literally seconds – it’s made food and calorie tracking enjoyable again. To also have access to daily podcasts and be able to track my progress so easily through the check-in section is fantastic too. The layout is very easy to use and there isn’t a barrage of data and information which can be so off putting.
I highly recommend this for anyone on a fitness journey – it will not disappoint you!!
Excited to see what future updates will bring.

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App store review


Finally solving the frustration of food tracking apps with huge data bases and endless scrolling.
After a short survey my calories and protein targets were calculated, on one easy to use screen I could see my progress and add the foods I have eaten during the day.
Being able to go out for food with friends and easily voice note or text what you have eaten and it is logged immediately is a game changer!
A daily podcast and the ultimate trio of steps, calories and protein is an easy way for fat loss!

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App store review

The only calorie tracker you need

The best tracker ever, it so easy to log that why wouldn’t you, l’ve had it for 3 months and never failed to track.
Simple to use but with more and more great features being added to continully encourage you.
Best of all l’m getting results in a sustainable way.
Whilst I tried other tracking apps and even paid the premium subscription this is the first one that I have ever used without fail.

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App store review

Just completed week 3 and love the app

This has completely changed my approach to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Scott is knowledgeable and answers any questions you may have. He genuinely cares about your goals and supports you with them. Try it and I guarantee you’ll never look back!

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App store review

The best tracker ever, it's so easy to log that why wouldn't you! l've had it for 3 months and never failed to track.

Simple, quick, easy & it works. Why wouldn’t you try it? The future is actually here.